Our Members

Our desire is to organise "Play Time" for all....Adults, Parents, and Children. Our members are parents with children 2 - 18 years of age, and all adults who desire a fun, active & healthy lifestyle.

Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan e.V. was established in September, 2011 with humble beginnings, few in numbers, but big on enthusiasm and motivation.  In 2012, our membership numbers continue to grow.

CHBC e.V. is committed to promoting:

- children and their desire to play sports

- interest in different sports by introducing new sports and activities, and a continued focus on traditional sports

- the power of knowledge through informative seminars, special events and networking

- involvement and a take to action spirit in community efforts and projects


Who We Are

We speak English and Deutsch. We embrace all people of the world.  We want global understanding through language, culture and community.

We know diversity is good in life and in sports!



The highlight sport for CHBC e.V. is Basketball. We live for Basketball and it's allure for team spirit, competition, skills, fast-paced action, and fans. The game offers many diverse attributes that can impact ones development and is ultimately fun to play.

We want to inspire youth to learn and play basketball, as well as any adult ready for challenge of this exciting game.

In addition, CHBC e.V. offers many other great sports choices for members to explore.

to shoot hoops